How does a henna tattoo work and how do I know if it’s natural henna?

Henna is a type of plant with a natural staining ability. If you touch the leaves of the plant, it will stain your skin a beautiful reddish brown color. The leaves are ground into a powder, the powder is mixed with a natural oil to turn it into a paste, and a henna artist can draw with that paste in a controlled manner on the skin. The stain will happen wherever the paste touches your skin. If your henna artist offers anything other than that reddish brown color, then there’s something else in their mixture to change the color!

Remember that the paste is green when the artist begins drawing. It’s made from a plant, after all. The green is going to darken as the paste dries in about 20 minutes so that the paste will look blackish by the time it is dry. The dried paste crumbles and falls away. The stain that is left behind will look lighter in color the first day appearing yellow/orange. That will darken over about 24 hours, and the next day the stain will be a beautiful reddish brown color. That color sticks around for a few weeks to enjoy before it fades away.

Be smart, be savy, and do your research before putting anything on your skin. Henna paste should have all natural ingredients. So ask your henna artist what is in their mixture so that you can comfortably enjoy your henna tattoo experience!

Should I get a belly henna tattoo during my pregnancy?

For centuries henna has been part of many rite-of-passage ceremonies. It is believed that henna helps to ward off evil and bring blessings and protection to those it adorns. Call it superstition, call it wishful thinking, but painting your pregnant belly with henna is rich in meaning and tradition… almost like offering a special prayer to the person receiving the henna design. Why not then let it be part of your pregnancy?

What will happen during my henna appointment?

The henna is lovingly applied as you take time to become still and reflect on this time in your life that you and your baby are sharing. The design is drawn free-hand on your belly. We can customize something together that is meaningful to you. Look through my photos below to get some ideas. Circular designs work well including: parentheses mandalas, suns and moons, floral motifs, etc., but there is really no limit to what can be done. Designs can be personalized to incorporate what is important or symbolic to you. Perhaps a poem or song lyric, the tree of life, something asymmetrical, or just a beautiful design that speaks to you.

Is it safe to get a henna tattoo while I’m pregnant?

Heather’s henna tattoos uses only all natural, high quality henna products. Our henna powder has only eucalyptus oil and lemon juice added to it to make a paste that is safe for use on any skin type and in any trimester of pregnancy. It is 100% natural, botanical, temporary, and customized just for you and your baby.

When should I have my henna done?

When you choose to have your belly done is up to you, though most women choose the third trimester when their belly is in full glory! Celebrate the beauty of your body as it holds a new life. Henna can be the perfect way to commemorate your pregnancy and the first part of your journey with your new baby.

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